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New app-types

  • Triogical
    A game in which one directs on a grid 3 characters. Everyone has their ability, as well as actions to perform, and they have to help one another to finish the levels.
  • Treasure hunts in Paris
    Treasure hunts to play in the town of Paris.
  • 100 Doors
    A game where you have to open doors, via puzzles.
  • Networking in events
    Allows to find people to meet in networking events.
  • Pre-pay a restaurant in Paris
    Allows to reserve and pay a restaurant in advance in Paris.
  • Baby pictures
    Centralize photos of your baby and share them with loved ones.
  • Block puzzle
    Elements must be correctly placed to form a bloc.

Thematic selections

Puzzle Games on mobile

Make heat your brain with puzzle games without chance or knowledge required.

Apps for musicians

Smartphones have become as indispensable to musicians as their instrument!

One button games

In these games you can only do one action. And it can quickly become very hard!

The apps that come with Pokémon GO

Become the very best by using all the features dedicated to Pokémon GO.

All the apps done for parisians

Discover all the apps that make your life easier in Paris. From Metro to Vélib' via the Seine.

Apps for women

Men can use them, but those apps are especially made for women!

Multiplayer games on one device

You have time to spend with someone? Offer to play with you a game on your device!

All the virtual reality on mobile

You want to explore the VR? Watch what you can do with a cardboard.

All the best offline games

A whole list of games to install in advance to spend time in transports.

Android apps unavailable on iOS

On Android we can do more things than on iOS, but what kind of things exactly?

Apps which replace objects

Dematerialization! Today full of objects can be replaced by an app, so why not use it?