Apps which replace objects

Dematerialization! Today full of objects can be replaced by an app, so why not use it?

  • List
  • Grid
  • Books catalog
    Provides access to a catalog of books to read.
  • Map
    Allows you to view a street map with roads and points of interest.
  • Take notes
    To take notes.
  • Lamp
    Transforms the device in a flashlight with the flash of the camera or the backlight of the screen.
  • Selfie camera
    A camera dedicated to taking selfies.
  • Camera
    Allows you to take photos and videos with the device camera.
  • French radios
    Make you ear French radios.
  • Google calendars
    Allows you to manage and synchronize your Google Calendars.
  • Post-it widget
    Allows to put sticky notes on the home screen.
  • World clock
    Gives time for several cities in the world.
  • Tourism guide
    Provides information on places to visit when traveling.
  • Document scanner
    Allows you to quickly scan documents with the camera of the device.
  • The Bible in French
    The text of the Bible in French
  • Guitar tuner
    Allows to tune your guitar.
  • Currency converter
    Converts sums of money from one type of currency to another.
  • Compass
    Indicates the north direction.
  • Pedometer
    Counts the number of steps done.
  • Vintage camera
    Allows you to take photos and apply them retro filters.
  • Alarm clock
    Allows to program alarm clocks which will ring at a specific time.
  • Scientific calculator
    A calculator to do scientific calculations.
  • Basic Calculator
    The simple calculator with basic operations.
  • Bubble level
    Says precisely if the phone is horizontal.
  • Stopwatch
    Times delays and allows noting lap times.
  • TV remote control over Wifi
    Remote control your smart-TV over the WiFi network.
  • Mirror
    Transforms the device into a mirror displaying the image from the front camera.
  • Metronome
    Beat pulsation at a given rhythm.
  • Sound level meter
    Measures the intensity of the ambient sound with the microphone on the device.
  • French dictionary offline
    Give the definition of French words without internet connection.
  • Lighter
    A fake lighter to use on concerts.
  • Countdown widget
    Allows to display on the home screen a countdown of an important date.
  • Magnifier
    Transforms the device into a magnifying glass by enlarging the image from the camera.
  • Dictionary translator
    Gives a precise translation of each word.
  • IR TV remote control
    Remote control the TV by using the infrared transmitter of the unit.
  • Ruler
    Allows to measure objects with the graduations of a rule.
  • Altimeter
    Gives the altitude by using the GPS.
  • Personal diary
    Allows to keep a personal diary.
  • Timer
    Allows to make countdowns.
  • French conjugation
    Give the conjugation of French verbs for all tenses.
  • The Quran in French
    The text of the Koran in French
  • Countdown
    Gives the number of days up to a given date.
  • Loyalty Cards
    Allows you to manage a loyalty card list and be able to use them in stores.
  • Kitchen timer
    Used to measure cooking times.
  • Seismometer
    Measures vibrations around the device.
  • Counter
    Allows to count things by pressing a button.
  • Dream diary
    Allows you to note your dreams.
  • Chess clock
    Allows setting a time limit to each player during a game of chess.
  • Rubik's cube timer
    A timer for the use of "speedcubers" to measure the time of solving a Rubik's cube puzzle.
  • Travel diary
    Allows to take notes during a trip.
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