One button games

In these games you can only do one action. And it can quickly become very hard!

  • List
  • Grid
  • Geometry Dash
    A 2D game where a square advancing at full speed must avoid obstacles by jumping.
  • Barry Steakfries
    The adventures of Barry Steakfries.
  • Zombie Tsunami
    Along a road you control a group of zombies, and you have to make them jump over the obstacles.
  • Color switch
    You make jump a bullet passing through the right colors.
  • 2D ski runs
    A skier go down a 2D piste, and you have to make him jump at the right time.
  • Flappy Bird
    The game in which a bird must move forward as far as possible without bumping against the pipes.
  • Unstable walking
    You make walk an instable character as far as possible by telling him when to change the leg.
  • Don't Touch The Spikes
    You have to make jump a bird between two walls so that it do not touch the peaks.
  • Zig zag
    You make change the direction of a ball in zig zag so that it do not fall.
  • Circle jump
    A circle moves along a line, and you have to blow up the circle so it does not touch the line.
  • Stick hero
    You have to correctly size the bridges to advance a character.
  • Stack
    Sheets pass and you have to cut them at the right time to stack them as high as possible.
  • Jelly Jump
    A jelly must jump through floors.
  • Badland
    Hairy balls go through levels, and you make them jump and devide to reach the end of levels.
  • Swing
    You jave to correctly size vines to make a character jump between platforms.
  • The tower
    Floors of a tower must be placed at the right time to make it as high as possible.
  • Walk with obstacle
    You make walk a character by controlling the distance between each step, by avoiding obstacles.
  • Circular Flappy Bird
    A flappy bird in which you turn around a circle.
  • 99 problems
    You make jump a square to advance vertically, avoiding the obstacles.
  • One tap hero
    A character move throw levels, and you make him do actions at the right time.
  • 99
    A game where you must tap when the arrow on the right color.
  • Jack N' Jill
    You make jump a character that advances all the time to make him cross levels.
  • Smash Rocket
    A game where you have to launch missiles from a planet the right times to destroy the neighboring planets.
  • Epic coaster
    A roller coaster is full of holes, and you must make jump the wagon to avoid them.
  • Canabalt
    A character runs on the roof in 2D and you have to make him jump at the right time.
  • Each level its action
    Each level is played with a different action every time. And must be done with a minimum of actions in total.
  • oO
    You navigate along circles, and you can change from a circle to another by alternating sides of the line at the good moment.
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