Puzzle Games on mobile

Make heat your brain with puzzle games without chance or knowledge required.

  • List
  • Grid
  • Candy Crush
    Elements of a grid need to be moved to gather them and make them disappear.
  • Angry Birds
    Birds to throw with a slingshot to destroy buildings.
  • Cut the rope
    To feed a small monster you have to cut ropes in the good places.
  • Where's my water?
    Water must be redirect to a shower so that the character can wash.
  • Flow
    Colored points to connect through the squares of a grid.
  • Escape game (escape the room)
    A puzzle game where you have to escape a room by using the objects available.
  • Mingled word in french
    In this game you have to find french words in a grid of letters.
  • Hidden objects
    A place contains hidden objects, and you have to find them.
  • Unblock the car
    A puzzle game where you have to move in their direction cars of a park to make out a car.
  • Puzzle
    Puzzle pieces must be assemble to form an image.
  • Sudoku
    The Sudoku game in which you have to fill a grid with the numbers from 1 to 9.
  • Find the differences
    Two pictures are shown, and you must find the differences between them.
  • Bridge Builder
    You build bridges with sticks, and they must be resistant enough.
  • Maze
    A maze game where you have to connect the input and output.
  • Freecell
    The card game in which you have to gather the cards by color, by moving them one by one between several stacks.
  • Paperama
    You fold a sheet of paper for succeeding to give it a particular shape.
  • Lazors
    A puzzle based on lasers that must change direction with mirrors to get on target.
  • Sliding puzzle
    The game in which a grid boxes are slid to form a pattern.
  • Nonogram
    Boxes of a grid must be blacken by using the information at the edges.
  • Unblock the square
    A puzzle game in which you must release a square by dragging the blocks on a grid.
  • Block puzzle
    Elements must be correctly placed to form a bloc.
  • Infinity Loop
    Symbols must be rotated to connect them and form patterns.
  • Game About Squares
    Each square can be pushed in one direction, and you have to get them all on their goals.
  • Bloxorz
    A brick to move to a goal by pushing it on the sides.
  • Chess puzzles
    Chess puzzles to solve, like "white checkmate in 2 moves"
  • Sokoban
    You control a character that must push boxes to precise places.
  • Supply power
    Tiles need to be rotated to link energy sources to objects which need it.
  • Lost twins
    Twins are in rooms, and you have to gather them in a particular place.
  • Move
    A grid contains balls that you have to bring to their objectives by moving them in the same direction. Each time they are moved, balls go as far as they can go.
  • Lemmings
    Small characters appear regularly, and we must tell them what to do for them to reach the exit.
  • Turn-based puzzle game
    You are a character on a board, with other characters, and each one moves alternately.
  • Programming puzzle game
    A robot must be programmed to go to particular places.
  • Block Dude
    A character has to move blocks to find the exit.
  • Square it!
    Squares are in a grid, and you can move them all in a same direction. They color the grid when they are moved, ad the purpose is to color all the grid.
  • Quetzalcoatl
    You have to move lines of type "snake" and place the ends on specific cases.
  • Tetrobot and Co.
    You control a robot with the form of an eye that can send cubes.
  • 100 Doors
    A game where you have to open doors, via puzzles.
  • Triogical
    A game in which one directs on a grid 3 characters. Everyone has their ability, as well as actions to perform, and they have to help one another to finish the levels.
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