Multiplayer games on one device

You have time to spend with someone? Offer to play with you a game on your device!

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  • Bowling
    The bowling game with balls and pins.
  • Air hockey game
    The arcade table game where you hit a puck to throw it into the opponent goal.
  • Billiards
    A table game where the balls should be put in holes by hitting them with a cue.
  • Chess
    The 2 players board game where the goal is to checkmate the king of your opponent.
  • Checkers
    The 2 players board game in which the goal is to capture all opponent's pawns by jumping over them.
  • Dominoes
    The dominoes game where several players place following dominoes.
  • Backgammon
    The board game with dice where you have to advance your pawns to the end of the board without getting caught by the opponent.
  • Battleships
    The 2 players game in which you try each turn to sink enemy ships.
  • Snakes and ladders
    The board game where pieces can climb ladders and come down on snakes.
  • two players minigames
    Series of mini games to which it is possible to play two on the same device.
  • Connect 4
    A 2 players game in which we drop coins and must align 4 to win.
  • Carrom
    The game of Carrom where you drag your pawns to the board holes.
  • French music quiz
    In this game we hear a song of which you must guess the title. Songs are selected for France.
  • Morpion
    The 2 players paper game with a 3x3 grid where you have to align 3 of your symbols.
  • Badland
    Hairy balls go through levels, and you make them jump and devide to reach the end of levels.
  • Reversi
    The game of Reversi where you put the pawns and where you appropriate the pawns of the adversary when they are between yours.
  • Foosball
    The game of foosball where we play football by rotating rows of players.
  • Ludo
    The game of ludo in which you shift pawns with dice and where we must make them do all around the board without getting eaten by opponents.
  • Gomoku
    A variant of the go in which you have to line up 5 stones of your color.
  • Bowls
    A bowls game simulator : the game where you have to throw boules as close as possible to the jack.
  • Hangman in French
    The game in which you have to guess a French word by giving letters, and find it before the hangman is completed.
  • Risk
    The game board in which conquers geographic areas with dice fighting.
  • Monopoly
    The board game where you earn money by charging his opponents when they fall on the properties that you have purchased.
  • Dots and Boxes
    A 2 players game where you connect the points of a grid to form squares.
  • Yams
    The multiplayer dice game where you try to make combinations by throwing 5 dice. This type of app can count the score of a game played with real dice.
  • Go game
    A 2 players board game where the goal is to form the largest territory by laying stones on a goban.
  • Math duels
    Duels of maths where 2 players play on the same device.
  • Tron multiplayers
    A multi-player Tron-like game.
  • Abalone
    The game abalone where you push balls to knock down those of your opponent.
  • Pong
    The Pong game where players must return a ball and not miss it when it arrives on their side.
  • The Game of the Goose
    The board game where you must bring a goose to the end of the road.
  • Blokus
    A 4 players board game in which each one has to put a maximum of geometrical shapes in the board.
  • Carcassonne
    The Carcassonne board game where pieces are put to form cities and roads.
  • Jungle speed
    The game of speed where you draw cards and where you have to take or not a totem.
  • Labyrinth board game
    The board game where you move the walls to reach objects.
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