All the best offline games

A whole list of games to install in advance to spend time in transports.

  • List
  • Grid
  • Endless run
    A character runs without stopping, and you have to avoiding obstacles and collecting items.
  • Virtual pet
    A virtual pet that you need to occupy by feeding it and making it play.
  • Candy Crush
    Elements of a grid need to be moved to gather them and make them disappear.
  • Angry Birds
    Birds to throw with a slingshot to destroy buildings.
  • Car racing
    Some car racing.
  • Bubble shooter
    You ship bubbles upward so that they destroy themselves.
  • Car racing on the track
    Some car racing on the track.
  • Piano tiles
    A musical arcade game in which you must hit the boxes that pass.
  • Minecraft
    A first person game in a universe composed of cubes that you can destroy and rebuild.
  • Cut the rope
    To feed a small monster you have to cut ropes in the good places.
  • Fight game
    Two characters clash in battle.
  • Match 3
    Objects have to be removed from a grid by groups of 3 or more.
  • Traffic racer
    An arcade game where you drive on a road as long as possible.
  • Solitary
    The card game in which you have to gather the cards by color, by moving them by groups between several stacks.
  • Kart racing
    Some kart racings.
  • Plants vs. Zombies
    A game where the plants are fighting zombies.
  • Sniper
    A game in which you have to shoot people with a sniper rifle.
  • Motocross race in 2D
    In this game you make 2D motocross racing.
  • Bowling
    The bowling game with balls and pins.
  • Hill Climb
    You travel a relief in 2D with a vehicle that must not fall over.
  • Where's my water?
    Water must be redirect to a shower so that the character can wash.
  • Air hockey game
    The arcade table game where you hit a puck to throw it into the opponent goal.
  • Billiards
    A table game where the balls should be put in holes by hitting them with a cue.
  • Flow
    Colored points to connect through the squares of a grid.
  • Geometry Dash
    A 2D game where a square advancing at full speed must avoid obstacles by jumping.
  • Dumb ways to die
    Characters can die in a stupid way, and you have to prevent them to.
  • Barry Steakfries
    The adventures of Barry Steakfries.
  • Bug smasher
    Bugs appear and you have to crush as many as possible.
  • Escape game (escape the room)
    A puzzle game where you have to escape a room by using the objects available.
  • Fruit Cutting
    Fruits are tossed and you have to cut them.
  • Mingled word in french
    In this game you have to find french words in a grid of letters.
  • Hungry Shark Evolution
    An arcade game in which you control a shark to eat a maximum of living beings.
  • Zombie Tsunami
    Along a road you control a group of zombies, and you have to make them jump over the obstacles.
  • Logo quiz
    You have to guess brand names with their logo.
  • Hunting animals
    A hunting game with animals targets.
  • Doodle jump
    You control a character by making it jump from platform to platform vertically.
  • Hidden objects
    A place contains hidden objects, and you have to find them.
  • Coin dozer
    The casino game where you must push down coins on a tray by adding to the top.
  • Pacman
    The arcade game where a mouth should eat yellow dots in a maze without getting caught by the ghosts.
  • Car parking
    A car simulator in which you have to park your car.
  • Chess
    The 2 players board game where the goal is to checkmate the king of your opponent.
  • Unblock the car
    A puzzle game where you have to move in their direction cars of a park to make out a car.
  • Bad Piggies
    2D platform game where one traverses levels using a vehicle which is being created.
  • Benji Bananas
    A 2D platform game where the character advance in a jungle using lianas.
  • Scrabble
    The game where every word played gives the points of its letters.
  • Crossy Road
    You have to make cross roads to a character without getting crushed.
  • Aerial helicopter fighting 3D
    Aloows to take part in 3D aerial combat helicopter.
  • aa
    A game where you have to add lines around a spinning circle.
  • Zombie smasher
    We must protect the zombie invasion by swiping them out of the screen.
  • Color switch
    You make jump a bullet passing through the right colors.
  • Smash Hit
    We continuously advance in a 3D world and we must break the windows with balls to free the path.
  • Gorilla run
    A run in a 2D jungle with a gorilla who must retrieve bananas.
  • Puzzle
    Puzzle pieces must be assemble to form an image.
  • FPS
    A single player shot game, with realist graphism.
  • Sudoku
    The Sudoku game in which you have to fill a grid with the numbers from 1 to 9.
  • Find the differences
    Two pictures are shown, and you must find the differences between them.
  • 2048
    The web game with a 4x4 grid in which must merge tiles up to 2048.
  • Wooden ball labyrinth
    A ball may be guided in a maze by guiding a tray and avoiding the holes.
  • Dots
    A grid contains colored points that you have to link with the same color to make them disappear.
  • Checkers
    The 2 players board game in which the goal is to capture all opponent's pawns by jumping over them.
  • Dominoes
    The dominoes game where several players place following dominoes.
  • Traffic rider
    An arcade game where you drive on the first person a motorcycle, and where you have to avoid cars.
  • 2D ski runs
    A skier go down a 2D piste, and you have to make him jump at the right time.
  • Bridge Builder
    You build bridges with sticks, and they must be resistant enough.
  • Backgammon
    The board game with dice where you have to advance your pawns to the end of the board without getting caught by the opponent.
  • Rope flying
    A 2D game where you move by throwing ropes like Spiderman.
  • Brick-breaker
    Using a bar that moves horizontally and a bounce ball, you have to destroy a wall above.
  • Battleships
    The 2 players game in which you try each turn to sink enemy ships.
  • 3D maze
    A maze game in the first person.
  • Maze
    A maze game where you have to connect the input and output.
  • Mini games for toilets
    Mini-games created to be played to the bathroom.
  • NinJump
    A vertical endless race in which you can jump between two walls.
  • Flappy Bird
    The game in which a bird must move forward as far as possible without bumping against the pipes.
  • Freecell
    The card game in which you have to gather the cards by color, by moving them one by one between several stacks.
  • Snakes and ladders
    The board game where pieces can climb ladders and come down on snakes.
  • Falldown
    A ball must be move horizontally to drop as low as possible.
  • two players minigames
    Series of mini games to which it is possible to play two on the same device.
  • Tetris
    The game in which shapes fall that you must do disappear by lines before they fill the screen.
  • Connect 4
    A 2 players game in which we drop coins and must align 4 to win.
  • Carrom
    The game of Carrom where you drag your pawns to the board holes.
  • Unstable walking
    You make walk an instable character as far as possible by telling him when to change the leg.
  • Snake
    The snake game that has to eat apples without eating its tail.
  • French music quiz
    In this game we hear a song of which you must guess the title. Songs are selected for France.
  • Morpion
    The 2 players paper game with a 3x3 grid where you have to align 3 of your symbols.
  • Paperama
    You fold a sheet of paper for succeeding to give it a particular shape.
  • Don't Touch The Spikes
    You have to make jump a bird between two walls so that it do not touch the peaks.
  • Zig zag
    You make change the direction of a ball in zig zag so that it do not fall.
  • Circle jump
    A circle moves along a line, and you have to blow up the circle so it does not touch the line.
  • Stick hero
    You have to correctly size the bridges to advance a character.
  • Stack
    Sheets pass and you have to cut them at the right time to stack them as high as possible.
  • Lazors
    A puzzle based on lasers that must change direction with mirrors to get on target.
  • Jelly Jump
    A jelly must jump through floors.
  • 94%
    From a short phrase or a picture, you have to find all words that correspond to them.
  • Badland
    Hairy balls go through levels, and you make them jump and devide to reach the end of levels.
  • Bunny skater
    You control a rabbit which plays skateboard.
  • Sliding puzzle
    The game in which a grid boxes are slid to form a pattern.
  • Reversi
    The game of Reversi where you put the pawns and where you appropriate the pawns of the adversary when they are between yours.
  • Foosball
    The game of foosball where we play football by rotating rows of players.
  • Ludo
    The game of ludo in which you shift pawns with dice and where we must make them do all around the board without getting eaten by opponents.
  • Gomoku
    A variant of the go in which you have to line up 5 stones of your color.
  • Nonogram
    Boxes of a grid must be blacken by using the information at the edges.
  • Bowls
    A bowls game simulator : the game where you have to throw boules as close as possible to the jack.
  • hidden objects for children
    Objects have been hidden in a place for children.
  • Unblock the square
    A puzzle game in which you must release a square by dragging the blocks on a grid.
  • Minesweeper
    The game of Minesweeper where you have to isolate the mines of a grid by using the number of mines around boxes.
  • Duet
    You make rotate two balls to avoid obstacles.
  • Swing
    You jave to correctly size vines to make a character jump between platforms.
  • Monster capture RPG
    You capture and collect monsters and use them to make fights.
  • Hangman in French
    The game in which you have to guess a French word by giving letters, and find it before the hangman is completed.
  • Risk
    The game board in which conquers geographic areas with dice fighting.
  • Tron
    Tron multiplayer game in which you control a motorcycle that leaves a trail and must avoid trails of other players.
  • Monopoly
    The board game where you earn money by charging his opponents when they fall on the properties that you have purchased.
  • Dots and Boxes
    A 2 players game where you connect the points of a grid to form squares.
  • Learn to count
    This game is for children to learn to count.
  • Yams
    The multiplayer dice game where you try to make combinations by throwing 5 dice. This type of app can count the score of a game played with real dice.
  • Mikado
    The Mikado game where you must retrieve the sticks without moving others.
  • Blendoku
    In this game you have to complete the grids with color shades.
  • Monument Valley
    You move a character in a world of optical illusions.
  • Rubik's cube
    A Rubik's cube to solve.
  • Final Fantasy
    The RPG of the Final Fantasy family.
  • The Room
    An escape game like where you solve puzzles by manipulating objects.
  • Go game
    A 2 players board game where the goal is to form the largest territory by laying stones on a goban.
  • Math duels
    Duels of maths where 2 players play on the same device.
  • Images and syllables
    We need to find words from a picture and syllables.
  • Tron multiplayers
    A multi-player Tron-like game.
  • Real-time stars Conquest
    In this game you must conquer stars in real time with units generated by the stars.
  • Poker offline
    To play poker against AI, without internet connection.
  • Game About Squares
    Each square can be pushed in one direction, and you have to get them all on their goals.
  • Monte
    The game of monte in which to choose the right object among several after mixing.
  • Abalone
    The game abalone where you push balls to knock down those of your opponent.
  • The tower
    Floors of a tower must be placed at the right time to make it as high as possible.
  • EDGE
    A cube to move by pushing it on the sides, to make it go to its objective.
  • Walk with obstacle
    You make walk a character by controlling the distance between each step, by avoiding obstacles.
  • Circular Flappy Bird
    A flappy bird in which you turn around a circle.
  • 99 problems
    You make jump a square to advance vertically, avoiding the obstacles.
  • One tap hero
    A character move throw levels, and you make him do actions at the right time.
  • Mastermind
    The game of Mastermind where you have to guess a combination of colors.
  • Bloxorz
    A brick to move to a goal by pushing it on the sides.
  • Chess puzzles
    Chess puzzles to solve, like "white checkmate in 2 moves"
  • Sokoban
    You control a character that must push boxes to precise places.
  • Manga Quiz
    You need to answer questions about the manga.
  • Pong
    The Pong game where players must return a ball and not miss it when it arrives on their side.
  • Lemmings
    Small characters appear regularly, and we must tell them what to do for them to reach the exit.
  • The Game of the Goose
    The board game where you must bring a goose to the end of the road.
  • Blokus
    A 4 players board game in which each one has to put a maximum of geometrical shapes in the board.
  • Turn-based puzzle game
    You are a character on a board, with other characters, and each one moves alternately.
  • Tomb Raider
    You control Lara Croft, and traverse levels to find relics.
  • Programming puzzle game
    A robot must be programmed to go to particular places.
  • Carcassonne
    The Carcassonne board game where pieces are put to form cities and roads.
  • Jack N' Jill
    You make jump a character that advances all the time to make him cross levels.
  • Block Dude
    A character has to move blocks to find the exit.
  • Jungle speed
    The game of speed where you draw cards and where you have to take or not a totem.
  • Canabalt
    A character runs on the roof in 2D and you have to make him jump at the right time.
  • Quetzalcoatl
    You have to move lines of type "snake" and place the ends on specific cases.
  • Labyrinth board game
    The board game where you move the walls to reach objects.
  • Gobliiins
    The mobile port of the Gobliiins trilogy.
  • Tetrobot and Co.
    You control a robot with the form of an eye that can send cubes.
  • oO
    You navigate along circles, and you can change from a circle to another by alternating sides of the line at the good moment.
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