Apps for musicians

Smartphones have become as indispensable to musicians as their instrument!

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  • Audio player
    Allows you to play music and audio files on the device.
  • Piano tiles
    A musical arcade game in which you must hit the boxes that pass.
  • Recognize musics
    Matches music pieces currently playing.
  • Piano
    Allows to play the piano with the virtual keys.
  • Voice changer
    Deforms voices.
  • Voice recorder
    Allows you to record sounds with the microphone of the device.
  • Music Cut
    Allows to cut parts of music, for example to create ringtones.
  • Music equalizer
    Adjusts the equalization of frequencies.
  • Virtual guitar
    Allows to play the guitar with virtual strings.
  • Music studio
    Lets you create music recordings from virtual instruments.
  • Guitar tuner
    Allows to tune your guitar.
  • Guitar Hero
    Notes pass, and you have to touch them at the right time to play the piece of music.
  • Virtual drums
    Allows to play percussion.
  • Drum pad
    Provides access to a pressure sensitive pad for audio commands.
  • Metronome
    Beat pulsation at a given rhythm.
  • Sound level meter
    Measures the intensity of the ambient sound with the microphone on the device.
  • Sound amplifier
    Increases the maximum volume of the device.
  • Song lyrics
    Provides access to a catalog of lyrics.
  • French music quiz
    In this game we hear a song of which you must guess the title. Songs are selected for France.
  • Guitar chord dictionary
    Told how to play each of the chords on the guitar.
  • Guitar Tabs
    Gives guitar tabs to play songs.
  • Loop station
    Allows you to create and play audio loops.
  • Voice amplifier
    Amplifies the sound of the voice.
  • Virtual ukulele
    Allows to play the ukulele with virtual strings.
  • Microphone
    Replace a real microphone, capturing the sound and rebroadcasting it by the jack.
  • Electronic accompanist
    Lets be accompanied by music with chords played automatically.
  • Tambourine
    Allows to play the tambourine.
  • Ear trainer
    Helps develop his ear while training to recognize notes.
  • Tap a rhythm
    Allows you to practice typing rhythms written on a partition.
  • Custom SoundBoard
    Lets you customize an array of buttons that play sounds.
  • Meet musicians
    Allows to meet musicians to play with them.
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